Sexy Wonderwomen Costume


Sexy Wonder Woman Costume

Fits up to 70 kg

Soft material with PU Leather

Boots not included

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Wonder Woman is pretty awesome on the battlefield, no one can argue with that. The thing is, we sometimes wish that she was here to help us with everyday problems as well! We’re not only talking about her strength. It would be a waste to use Diana’s brawn for something as simple as yanking up a stubborn tree stump or open a stubborn jar of pickles.  

No, we’d want some serious help with other things in our communities. The things she could do with her lasso of truth alone would be legendary. Our court system could become so simple and fast, no polygraph testing required. If someone stole that truckload of kitty litter, there would be no denying it once Ms. Prince was around. Plus, forget that half-hearted kickboxing class. Wonder Woman could not only show people everywhere how to defend themselves, she could also teach us to do what we’ve dreamed of doing since we watched her movie- the mythic shield jump!  

While we’re waiting for Wonder Woman to show up, we might as well do what we can to represent her here and now. This costume has everything you need to make our favorite Amazon proud! The corset top has the golden “W” along the sweetheart neckline and is belted in the middle. The skirt has an elastic waistband, making it easy to move. It also has deep pleats that would look right at home in Themyscura. You’ll get the epic red cape with a satin finish, elastic garter straps for added on stockings of your choice, and a foam tiara to top it all off. Maybe Wonder Woman can’t come to your town to solve every problem but villains are sure to stay in line once they see her represented!

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